Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baidu Yun (Baidu Cloud) Tutorial

... it meant to be a sort of survival guide ...

Several great resources of classical music to explore at the Chinese cloud service :
1) (by gdgdyy, without password)
2) (Lordsidious)

 I. First Variant. Download directly without Baidu Yun application
 (simple to use but slow download speed)

Sample link (kindly privided by Lordsidious):

A password  ( 密码 ):

First, open provided link, then enter the password (请输入提取密码) and press the blue button "提取文件" ("Go to files").

Then navigate to the file or folder you are interested in. Select that file or folder. After a file is selected, just click the "Direct Download" (right) button (下载) and download will begin.  You can select several files and they may be downloaded as one zip archive.
The left button (保存至网盘) executes the "Save to your network drive" option (see part II for details). 
If a folder is selected, only one option is available - "Save to your network drive". Clicking the "Direct download" button just prompts you to download the Baidu Yun Guanjia application.

In the next pop-up window just click (普通下载) "Normal download", right button,  and the download will begin immediately. Left button ( 加速下载(推荐) ) is the "Accelerated Download" button, available to registered users only.

II. 2nd variant. Using Baidu Yun Guanjia application

To register a Baidu account (Initially it is 5 GB of free space) go to

For registration enter valid email address, which will be used later for login, enter password in the second field (digits, small and capital letters, length from 6 to 14 characters), and enter the captcha code in the third field, then press the blue button. You will see the pop-up message: 
(Your account has not been activated, please activate and then login on the right)
Press left button:

Wait for an activation email and click the link in the email to complete the registration.

Please not that you may be ask to confirm the account registration via SMS code.

Alternatively you can register with my invitation link:
In that case you have the possibility to choose your user name.
The registration window in that case is slightly different:

 For registration enter user name (which can be used later for the login), enter the password in second and third fields (digits, small and capital letters, length from 6 to 14 characters), enter email (used for activation and login) in the forth field, and enter the captcha code in the fifth field, then press blue button. You will see the pop-up message, press left button in it:

(Your account has not been activated, please activate and then login on the right)
Wait for the activation email and click link in the email to complete the registration.
In the activation window click as shown below to skip login and SMS activation.


Open Baidu Yun and log in with your registered details.

After login you will see something like that:

 Downloading Baidu Yun Guanjia installer

 Please note that there is no sense to use BaiduYunGuanjia application without registered account. Go to to download BaiduYunGuanjia application. 

 After you have downloaded the software, just installed it.


After installation start Baidu Yun Guanjia application and login into its interface with the same credentials (Probably you can enter username or email in the login field).

System tray icon of the Baidu Yun Guanjia application

Right-clicking on the icon opens a menu of such commands:

Saving to your network drive and downloading to your HDD using Baidu Yun application

If you click on the "Save to your network drive", left button (保存至网盘), (see 2nd picture from the top)  then the file will be saved to your own Baidu cloud and you can download it later even after the poster will delete it.

If you click on  the right button "Direct Download" (下载) then in the next pop-up window click on the left button ( 加速下载(推荐) ) "Accelerated Download" Baidu Yun application will start the download automatically. Using Baidu Yun is always faster than Normal download (普通下载) and it supports resumable downloads.


Example of downloading with the BaiduYunGuanjia application:

As a bonus you can download torrent  (using magnet links too) directly into the cloud:

III. Additional considerations

- To confirm an account via SMS during registration you can use any on-line SMS service (such as ).

- BaiduYunGuanjia application creates a lot of active connections to and from your computer. Consider to shutdown BaiduYunGuanjia after finishing your downloads. As an alternative you can use BaiduYunGuanjia application in the virtual OS.

- After installation of BaiduYunGuanjia you may find in your browser the BaiduYunGuanjia application plugin (for Firefox:  [Tools] > Addons > Plugins). Set it to "Ask to activate" (The same applies to other plugins with potential vulnerabilities, such as Java and Flash).


This post is nothing more than a tutorial. We have no connection to the Baidu Yun resources. All mentioned links are used as an example.

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v4v said...

In fact this post was created after Lordsidious kindly offered to share his cloud of the classical music recordings at code:6fne

Colonel Legno (Col Legno) said...

Hello Lordsidious, I must express astonshment at the breadth and depth of your collection and also enormous appreciation for making it available as you have. There is much too much to sample, to taste, to digest. It would take months. Already I am overwhelmed at the availability of so much music on the web. Much more than I can deal with. Often I must listen to a recording on repeat for a day or more to know if I like it; often my appreciation grows on repeat hearings. I just listened to the recording of woodwind pieces by Winter, a composer I never heard of, but if Klocker recorded it, that is usually a testimonial. I was not unrewarded. So thank you deeply. Col Legno

Daniel maciel said...

I'm downloading really slowly in Baidu (both normal download and with BaiduGuanjia). What can I dow to improve my download speed (it's around 1kb/s at the moment).

v4v said...

For me (in Europe) the speed is
1.0 - 2.2 MBytes/s (BaiduGuanjia)
30 - 200 KBytes/s (browser)

It depends on time of day as well.

Unknown said...

Hay dear im in pakistan but note use offical registration problem can you help me registered ide usefule please i need ide and password i am waiting

v4v said...

@ waqas ahmed - The above tutorial covers registration registration process. Otherwise use Google Chrome Browser with automatic translation to your language.

Tse said...

Hello. Your tutorial has been very helpful but I still got some issues.
I both registered and installed the software successfully. I knew because I started my first download using the software and is downloading with a steady speed. However, when I tried to download more files, a pop-up window appeared and asked me to install the software first. Would you know what I am doing wrong ? Thanks for your help in advance.

v4v said...

Sorry, I can't reproduce that experience. Just a guess - if possible, just try to ignore this pop-up and continue. Or another guess - it may be a pop-up, urging to install android software on your phone.

Anonymous said...

I cant understand how you guys open a download link on anymore? Because whenever i want to open a download link it redirects me an error page! :_: I think because of the security causes they want a chinese phone number to send an activation code. Otherwise i can't download on, i can't even open a link page anymore :/

here is the error page

v4v said...

Just checked sample link, no errors if you are logged in as registered user.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply but i've tried almost everything to be sure. :( I checked the links and they are all new and people say they can download them. On the other hand i can't even open my disk (or profile) page. It redirects me to that error page. I wonder what's my problem. Until last year's summer i can downloaded perfectly from but right now even i've opened a new account to test but it still gave me that damn error page. ;_;

I think it's a security matter. They wants me a Chinese phone number to send an activation code but i'm not living China and unfortunately i don't have a Chinese phone number. :/

Anonymous said...

And i can't even open this password page. :)

v4v said...

I suppose that the problem is on your side. Your screenshot ( ) translation is something like:

You visit the page that does not exist.
Possible causes:
1. In the address bar, you entered the wrong address.
2. You clicked on a link that has expired.
Back to previous page--
Back Home--

You can use Google Chrome browser to translate the pages to your language.

v4v said...

BTW there is no need in the Chinese phone number for an activation code - you can use any country codes.
But it is better to do it anonymously without a Phone:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've translated it and i know it says those things but like due to a virus i can't open a download page or my disk page. Now i starting to think that the problem is on my computer or server... i don't know. :/ I've tried almost everything but i didn't fix it. :/

Oh and i tried to enter many phone number but it says "Number format is incorrect (号码格式不正确)" every time. :/

I think the problem is really on my side. Thanks for your helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Btw, i've tried some American phone numbers from the link you post and they worked but this time activation code that they sent doesn't appear "message page" :/

I think i'm a little unlucky these days. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

I solved the problem. :) I think it was all about my dns system so i've started to use ZenMate VPN for chrome, and right now links are opening!!! :D

Thank you!! :)

v4v said...

Thanks for the info.
In case of using a router it is advisable to check router's DNS settings. Too many unpatched routers can be hijacked these days.

Anonymous said...

anyone having trouble to DL from
it doesn't work for me now, after enter the password then click the pw button, then it's not running...
is it just me or anyone has the same trouble?

v4v said...

@ "Anonymous"

If you are talking about Lordsidious' resourse, the password 6fne is working fine.

Anonymous said...

@4v4 no, i'm talking about DL-ing from baidu in general. it still worked for me this morning, but it's not working anylonger now...but for files which you've already extracted the pw once, it's still working. only from file which you haven't pw unlocked yet :/

Anonymous said...

aa~...nevermind, it's working again now, sorry for bothering

sidhme said...

@ Anonymous:
I think I'm experiencing the same problem. After entering password and clicking the blue button to enter any sites/folders, nothing happens. I'm just stuck on the login page... Did you do anything to fix this on your end?

v4v said...

This post is nothing more than a tutorial. We have no connection to Baidu Yun resources used here as an example.

sidhme said...

@v4v I know, and I'm sorry for being a bother. I was just wondering if Anonymous above did fix it himself or if the problem went away "by itself"... I'm having a problem finding a solution on the net.

Anonymous said...

hi. when i click the 提取文件 the button won't work and do not redirect me to the download page ;A;

v4v said...

If you are talking about Lordsidious' resourse, the password 6fne is working fine.

sidhme said...

Suddenly downloading from baidu started working for me again. From Lordsidious as well as other baidu sites. Strange thing.

Unknown said...

I have account in pan baidu, even after installing android app, I am unable to claim or get free 2TB space. It says you have not installed app yet.
Can some one confirm that 2tb free giveaway is working or not ?

v4v said...

@ Ali Ahmad - there was a 2T promotion more than a year ago. It seems that at some point they changed conditions to the "up to 2T, adding up in small amounts each time you are logging in android app".
I can't say more because it was about a year ago when I tested it and they are changing something all the time.

bk said...

How can you invite someone to join baidu yun?

v4v said...

Just send your invitation link. After login you will find it somewhere in the dashboard.

Anonymous said...

2T promotion still works

djstefanos1 said...

Help please!! I'm looking for the password of City Beat - Goodbye(91年新力经典系列复刻)[by abc204].Anyone can help me please!!! Thanks Stefanos.

Gurlok said...

Hi I would like to ask one thing, you already said that it is better to close it quickly after downloading something, due to the many connections which creates I'd like to ask though, it is safe to install it? Are there malicious third part softwares which are packed in the installer? I'm really reclutant to make a virtual os just for this app, but I have big issues when downloading files larger like or more than 1 gb. I read somewhere that in past Internet download manager worked, but not anymore.

v4v said...

Antivirus scan results for current BaiduGuanjia installer suggest that the file is safe to use:
File name: BaiduYun_V3.9.4.0_setup.1428391799.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 57
Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use.
Link to the antivirus scan results:

As for the multiple connections, they are similar to the torrent activity with multiple connections out for each torrent you're downloading.

Gurlok said...

Thanks for taking your time to reply :). Ah I see, so it is in a similar fashion to torrent (connectionS sideways). One last thing, since the setup is probably in chinese, is the setup straightforward, or does it contain some option which should be checked/unchecked? I know this may sound stupid, but being in a language I can't read it can't be helped.

v4v said...

I see that now Setup window provides "Default setup" button and ability to change the application folder. By default it's located in user space. For me, to place executives there is a bad Microsoft Windows practice and lovely place for various viruses.

Gurlok said...

So, I just need to put it in program files and I should be alright, I suppose...sigh, I'm still frightened from using this app just for pan baidu, but I don't see any other way to download file larger than 1gb from pan baidu at this point..

Unknown said...

I just want to ask how I can see the download link in pan baidu, because the page show this message in my browser:
Using google translate, it said the link has adult content so I can't access it. Can I access it with some setting? If yes, would you like to tell me how to?

Thanks ^^

v4v said...

@ kyuuichii nanase: probably there are no settings to access the link if they are really blocking it )

Unknown said...

@ v4v: Okay! Thanks for replying ^^

Ishida said...

Thank you man!!!
Worked like a charm!!!

Yukabacera said...

Thank you very much for the great guide!

Ishida said...

Now, where can I find my link to invite others?

v4v said...

- select folder or folders and then pres share icon - share dialog will appear:

Ishida said...

Thanks again v4v.

v4v said...

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